this weekends adventure to portland shall be undie bundles of fun,
i'm thinkin it will include:

and hopefully some thrifting,,


Very fitting,

for the time being.


The photo Adventure won,,

Oh sunny day, I'm so glad I decided to go out and play;
here are the results from Jenny and Mine's photo shoot:
Jewelry& Photos: Jenny

P.S. London, ready or not, here we come!

Procrastination smashin the nation

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and i feel like:

or going on a photo adventure.

Dear you,

have a wonderful day, I know I am!


Rockaway Beach

one of my more recent creations. meant for shimmyin' and shakin!

the fact of the matter is,

the future is unknown. The actual result could be very different than what was expected.

Dear Coraline,

I'm so glad I went to ross the other day. Not only did I find you in 3-d for only $5, but I also got a zebra rug which I've wanted for quite some time.
But if I were you, I would have crawled through the hole too.

Especially Cause it looks like cotton candy.

And I love cotton Candy.



I think it's better to always wonder, than to know and be disappointed.

oh homework,

I want to do anything but you.
make raps on my photobooth, make indian food, dance around my zebra rug in my underwear, anything but you.

Dear Universe,

where can i get my paws on a pair of these blinged out creeps,

I promise I would rock them,,

Sincerely, Kelsey Olivia.