Rodarte Sistas!

At nordstrom next week from 12-2!

I am so skipping marine biology to go meet them, that is a legit reason!
xoxo. k.o.

Creation Station

I've been a very busy bee the past few days,,
made some new pillowcases with this cool 90's surf fabric i recently purchased,
and am now working on a 90's quilt to go with it!
I've always hated quilts, but a recent trip to portland, and fiding a granny quilt with all granny squares but a few squares of my berry favorite fresh prince 90's fabric...I was inspired to start makin my own since I didnt have the money to buy that one!
Jewerly Classes starting soon,
Cool I love making stuff. And being creative. And productive.
Pictures up soon!
xoxo k.o.


I'd rather burn out than fade away..

if you are not forgotten, you are never truly dead.

xoxo K.O.

you've got nothing to lose

you don't lose when you lose fake friends!



when you realize what you actually want,
it's too late.