Suprise Suprise I love suprises!

A package arrived for me yesterday from my rad aunt! I will add that she always wraps everything so creatively with handmade nametags, this was wrapped in a vintage purse with a pattern for the tissue paper!
here are some of the contents:

new key ring with primary color bunny feet!

jewelry and chains and rosary beads!

vintage pins n patches,
all handpicked with love,
thanks thanks thanks!



This is Love.

Dear Goldie, You were the best dog and best friend a girl could ask for. I remember when we went to get you, all the other pups looked the same, but you stood out, with a mind of your own you knew daddy was a softie so you went straight to him and sat on his feet as you thought, "I pick you!" It was love at first sight for all of us, right then you were a part of the family. Ivy had her D.W. shirt on and all three of u girls sat in the backseat with the blankie over our laps as you crawled back and forth across our laps the whole way home as we fought over who got to hold you longest! You loved every second of it! My girl, sleeping on my bed from the second night, and coming in with mom every morning waking us up for school. Softer than any stuffed animal in my bear collection, you were always there to comfort me when i had a bad day or would be there when no one else seemed to care. Diamonds could never be a girls best friend when she has a dog as loyal as you. I know you are up in doggy heaven, swimming, playing with all the other pups, getting endless amounts of attention and loving, and having as many treats as you desire. My little princess puppy paws, I loved you more than anything in the whole wide world.

lil snugglebug

baby ivy and baby goldie

the world saw you getting tired, and now you are finally at rest<3

you always gave us the look like you knew what was up when something was.

you know i hated this day, i wish i couldve brought you with me, moving to san fran and leaving my best freinds behind.

you got the puppy face off right from the start, and you knew it would always work. I'm sure you'll teach all the other dogs well!

So precious, like a little angel.

<3 forever.

at the cabin-for once everyone in the fam was smiling!



i wish i still believed in it. won't something or someone come change my mind


The Diner

Whoever thought of hard milkshakes was the smartest person ever.
Today I got a blender and i'm defiatly going to be trying out some of these recipes, betty crocker better watch out.


Mail Time!

today I got a package in the mail from my grandma. She gave me some jelly beans. Isn't that sweet!
Wanna know my favorite. Tutti Frutti


i made a pillow

it looks like this:

it's real comfy.


my dad showed me this site. its pretty cool. i could probably get distracted for hours.

i found this london based jewelry designer off the site, i think i'm in love.