Came across this book today on my stop at the downtown library TITLED: "LIVING WELL IS THE BEST REVENGE." i totally agree.

Love the red room, i swear this is the coolest library i've been to.
I sure will miss the seattle library, and endless sources of inspiration from movies and music.
Today, I rented two cd's- Rock N Roll of the 50's, and Rock 'n Roll one hit wonders of the 60's.
(actually i rented 5 of course because of my one ocd obsession-if i can control it everything comes in increments of 5!)

I also rented some movies that I'm excited to watch/listen to as I sew- it always serves as free entertainment and inspiration!
Two oldies:Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Bananas is my business
Music videos: Hype(Live grunge acts), David Bowie:sound and vision, and The History of Rock 'N Roll: PUNK.

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