last night

i saw ariel pink's haunted graffiti at my friend rose's bar hoxton square bar and kitchen. it's so conviniently placed just a few blocks from my halls. i don't mind going to things by myself.the singer resembled kurt cobain and then called the crowd a bunch of posers. it reeked of reefer they were taking bong hits backstage. but there wasnt a backstage. then the guitarist looked like an asian pocahontus it took me forever to decifer if it was a guy or girl. it was a guy. then an asshole man was bitching at rose for leaving his card on the bar. then he was trying to hiton me. i fed him a dirty tomato from the bar to get him to leave us alone. roses friend later told me it was the singer from the klaxons. does that give you an excuse to be extremely annoying? i think not.

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